Interactive, kinetic sound sculpture representing the idea of balance. Part of the permanent exhibition of Deutscher Zukunftspreis at Deutsches Museum in Munich. »Balance« is an interactive art installation for the permanent exhibition of Deutscher Zukunftspreis at Deutsches Museum in Munich. It is part of the latest installation for the 2009 prize winners. Visitors are invited to either disturb the natural flow of the sculpture or to bring it back to balance.

Commissioned by Office of the Federal President/Deutscher Stifterverband. In Cooperation with onformative.


Sound Design and Audio Interaction for a motion sensitive installation with sound and music feedback at Boxpark London: "Nike+ FuelBand Interactive Experience – a motion sensitive installation where consumers see a life size, digitized reflection on a LCD wall that reacts with movement to create a stunning piece of digital art that can be shared with friends via social networks." // Commissioned by onformative, AKQA London.


Artwork by onformative for the Adobe image campaign: For the release campaign of the Adobe Creative Suite 6 onformative was invited to create an abstract artwork and interpretation of the Adobe Ampersand // More


Sound Design for an interactive installation by KASUGA for brand agency KMS Team. Simple and clean sounds where established to help the user navigate through the process
and to support the interaction.



SVGBX is a touchless digital signage solution by KASUGA interdisciplinary studio. Sound feedback is used to enhance the user experience and to guide the user // More

Functional Sound and Audio Interaction for a HMI by S.I.E in cooperation with audity: "We have developed an auditory display for the new modular series
of medical HMIs by S.I.E. The display supports the interface's multimodal user experience. System Industrie Electronic GmbH, a leading supplier
of computing solutions for the medical, security and industrial sectors, is a member of the global S.I.E Group."


LEVIS - MakeOurMark

"The films you take. The rhymes you make. A word. A scene. What makes You »You«? Take part in a journey where there are no wrong answers, just infinite perspectives. Join digital artist, Cedric Kiefer in a global art project that explores self-identity."


Household devices are getting more and more sophisticated in terms of functionality and user friendliness. audity developed a system of acoustic information signals for B/S/H as well as warning and alarm signals // More

Commissioned by audity.


Sound Design for the Relaunch of Montblanc.com - Every product category is equipped with an individual generative artwork an an individual sound theme in different variations
that reflects the character of the product: the precision of a clock
or the weightiness of a Montblanc writing instrument // More

Commissioned by Scholz & Volkmer,
in collaboration with onformative.


How does the color white sound? "Sound of White" shows a possibility to transform characteristics of the color white into sound. The procedure to translate abstract color value into sounds was developed in cooperation with the ESB Reutlingen - scientific counseling by Prof. Dr. Herbert Bruhn. It is based on the insights derived from music-, synaesthetics-, and market research.

♫ SOW.mp3

"Sound of White" was first presented during trendforum 2009 in the BMW World Munich/Germany.

Commissioned by audity.


"Efficient Light - Motto for an interactive soundscape, developed for the lamp manufacturer Waldmann to auditively underscore the pavilion "Unindentified Light Object" at the National Gardening Fair 2010. "The Magic of Light in combination with sound and acoustic noise sequences touches all the senses and creates an entirely new world of experience. It is supported by the emotional atmosphere of the interior design with harmonious flowing organic forms." (waldmann.com)

Commissioned by audity // More

Blindfold is a virtual and interactive sound installation in which the user can experience the situation of a blind person being forced to just navigate through sound // More

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