UX Sound for audity x Teufel Headphones - Based on the established and awarded overall UX- and Brandsound concept by audity I supported the team creating new UX Sounds for the Teufel Noise-Canceling-Headphones.

"We defined the »Type« – typically Teufel as an acoustic guiding idea for the Teufel sonic branding. The most important conceptional parameters are character, power and synthesis. They are reflected in the following design elements used for the sonic branding (such as the audio logo) as well as the UX sound: Characteristic details of analog instruments paired with a combination of a powerful bass and synthetic sounds lead to a strong acoustic brand presence. Due to the high acoustic presence, the UX sounds become important brand ambassadors. Clear and functionally understandable UX sounds, which are used across the devices, contribute to a better understanding of the function and a holistic product experience."


Comissioned by audity, 2022